Where is my Sphere or Community of Influence?

As I write this post, I still ponder at the different societal groups and beliefs and philosophies of these groups. The breeder I visited with 9 years ago finally wrote and congratulated me in finally purchasing a puppy. For that, I rejoice. Being an owner of a Golden Retriever however, is only a part of my overall purpose in life. My vision is still taking shape. Using Mercy as an instrument for the sake of The Gospel and The Kingdom will have an impact. However, it is only a portion of the overall messsage of His Grace that I wish to share.  I aspire to follow in the wake of people such as Sheila Walsh, Dr. Martin Luther King and Ghandi. I see the culture around me with it’s attitudes, personalities and values, and wonder how I am I supposed to possibly influence them. There is too much emphasis on rules and placing high value on things that really do not matter in the long run instead of the Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ. Some morals, principles and virtues such as neatness and being proper for instance are being hashed out too much while there are more important issues that need to be addressed like hurting and broken people who are in need of a healing and loving touch. This is love that can only come from Jesus Christ. Quite frankly I am disgusted with a culture that has a lack of compassion, tenderness and grace upon those who are struggling and are instead intolerant of people who are not successful superstars. The virtues, principles and morals of promoting goodwill and common good should have much more presidence and priority than those that will not matter in the long run like whether someone’s hair is too long or too short. One of the main reasons why I acquired a dog named Mercy is to educate people all over the world about forgiveness, compassion, grace and of course mercy.

I consider myself to be an outcast who is too keenly aware of this performance, competition, accomplishment oriented society who excludes people who are not overachievers. The goals, visions, missions, values and objectives of certain cultural groups, institutions and communities are contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. I am not a complaining crybaby merely crying out for help for myself but on the behalf of the plight of those like myself who are suffering in silence without support. It is these cultures and values that are so contrary and contrasting to my own that make me feel trapped and uncertain as how to I am to move forward to better my own life, let alone influence the lives of others. I am at a crossroads as to which decisions to make next. I am contemplating applying to attend Regent University. How do I know that the values and philosophies and culture behind that institution are not considerably in conflict with my own? How am I supposed to influence people with the gospel when certain groups may not take me seriously because of my being different socially than they are. It goes back to the Golden Retriever who will be a symbol and instrument of God’s peace who will help give the message I am trying to convey conviction and meaning.

About journeywithmercy

I am seeking a meaningful life in Jesus Christ. I am not sure exactly what that means, but I am on a journey to find out. I seek a most amazing way beyond my wildest dreams to fulfill my calling, purpose and destiny while enjoying beauty, art, culture, nature and science the whole way thorugh.
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3 Responses to Where is my Sphere or Community of Influence?

  1. Christy says:

    It starts with one.
    The power to change lives
    to change a city, a country or a home
    It starts with us
    It started with Jesus
    with our hands we are his instruments
    with our hearts we mirror his love
    We do not have all the answers
    but he does and so we trust even though
    we don’t know everything
    We do know Jesus
    It started with him
    and it starts with us….one life at a time
    It starts with one

  2. Christy says:

    I believe you being only one person, can start a wave that touches many

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