I have no need to be popular among other Golden Retriever enthusiasts.

Still baffled about my lack of connections and lack of Golden Retriever people welcoming me into their fold, God is showing me that in order to fulfill my calling for the sake of His kingdom, that there is really no need to have relationships with other Golden owners. Let me give you an analogy: I need my State Farm car insurance in order to safely drive my car just as I need my dog as an instrument of the love,
mercy and Grace of Jesus Christ. I don’t have a desire to hang with other State Farm customers! Even though I would enjoy being welcomed among Golden owners, it is not a requirement for me to raise Mercy to be a therapy dog, although she needs to be socialized with other dogs in order for her to grow up to be a well mannered canine citizen. I am taking Mercy to the dog park tonight to hopefully meet up with a woman that I just met at a dog wash fundraiser Dogtopia was having for police dogs. She fell in love with Mercy and Mercy and her Beagle have become the best of friends.

About journeywithmercy

I am seeking a meaningful life in Jesus Christ. I am not sure exactly what that means, but I am on a journey to find out. I seek a most amazing way beyond my wildest dreams to fulfill my calling, purpose and destiny while enjoying beauty, art, culture, nature and science the whole way thorugh.
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