What does Valor (Heroism) mean to you?

Last May, my husband and I sailed on the Carnival Valor for our 7th wedding anniversary. We even participsated in the Behind the Fun tour where we got to visit the engine control room and the bridge as well. During our tour and later in our cruise we also got to meet the master of the Valor, Captain Luigi De Angelis. The Valor has even lived up to it’s name by rescuing people who were lost at sea. I love rescues. You might have heard of the movie Men of Valor. Hats off to our heroes in our military. Other servicemen of valor include firemen and police officers, doctors, nurses, the rescue squad and other service people we rely upon. The fireman who risked their lives on September 11, 2001 will always be remembered. Dogs are also are heroes in that they too perform many services for their masters. Dogs come to the rescue of their owners who are in a fire, having a seizure, protecting them from thugs, rescuing people from drowning. How about those dogs that perform services as part of their regular jobs. Hats off to our K9 heroes, Search and Rescue including those dogs who helped out on September 11th, Seeing eye dogs, Service dogs including my favorite, Tuesday helping Luis Carlos, and of course Therapy dogs, which Mercy is in training to become. It’s especially wonderful when dogs provide comfort to the hurting, particularly hurting children, whether children who are sick in the hospital, special needs kids including those with autism, children from abused homes, children in foster care, at risk youths, children with mental illness, children in prison, children in poverty, or children who are victims of bullying. Why do I say all this? Because I am passionate about using my dog to come to the aid of hurting people, that’s why. Whether it is through missions to other countries, feeding the poor, visiting the sick, or building camps for children with disabilities, serving Jesus Christ and sharing his love and the gospel is the greatest act of heroism there is. The ultimate act of heroism was Jesus dying on the cross on Calvary saving us from our sins and reconciling us to Himself.
Heroism to me includes most of all coming to the aid of people who are alone, in distress and otherwise in need of love and help. The lack of heroism via compassion that I see is very upsetting to me. It is not just people in need who are rejected. Talented, skilled people are also rejected and passed over for the opportunities they are worthy of. What I am saying here is that the attitude and values of people who have the ability to make a difference must change. With so many people being turned down for help or being underappreciated because others don’t think they need or deserve it (using judgement of character as an excuse) due to their own selfish greed, somebody needs to stand up for them. I for one chose to heed the call of God on my life and be a willing vessel to fight for those who are unable to speak for themselves. There is too much injustice of all kinds. There is too much rejection and division. Alot of the poverty we see is a result of social injustice of one sort or another. This injustice is in opposition to the values, virtues, principles and other teachings of Jesus Christ.
The attitudes of society run counter to the Holy Spirit and the teachings of the Bible. The philosophies of people in power, and the resulting values of the rest of American society/culture, which is leading people to turn their backs on others, shunning them and not lifting them up nor helping them succeed due to disapproval is very alarming to me. The lack of compassion and appreciation and acceptance of others breaks God’s heart as well those who are turned down whether for help or for a job or even a hug. As a result of this type of rejection, people feel unloved and worthless. God is very appalled at this as well. The Israelites were oppressed by such people in authority and power by both their own people and other nations. Jesus said you cannot serve two masters. It saddens me to see people mostly making money their master instead of God. Unacceptance (rejection, exclusion) happens in schools, the workplace and the church as well as in families and other groups. In school, it is called bullying. In the workplace it is called discrimination. In the church, the family or marriage, it is called an act of betrayal. Hence the division that also leads to injustice. Loving others as Jesus commanded includes being a friend and accepting someone e.g. inviting them to your house or dinner, meeting the needs of others and also appreciating what other people have to offer as well as embracing (not just through hugs) people in the church. Alas, not everyone is willing to share with those who are less fortunate or be a friend towards someone who is different. Not everyone is willing to give talented and skilled and even knowledgable people a chance. One example of injustice is the emotional abuse of a child by a parent, Another is rejecting and turning down people who come for help. Another is an employer refusing to hire or promote someone, because you just don’t like them for who they are. Another is a company nickeling and diming people unneccessarily. Another is berating an autistic child in the classroom by a teacher. Is it any wonder there are so many people who are either heartbroken or don’t have enough to meet their needs or fulfill their dreams! People in this position are far from feeling loved! The unconditional love, especially the unconditional love of a dog, demonstrates the love, mercy, grace and the gospel of Jesus Christ, therefore glorifying God and his kingdom. May the love, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ shall be shown as God works through me and my dog Mercy for His Glory and Kingdom. I will heed the call of God in my life to come to the rescue of those who are falling through the cracks of society. Often people who are rejected by their family and friends for instance turn to dogs for companionship. The dogs are therefore their only source of love, acceptance and companionship. The dog might be the only thing going for them, not to mention that the ownership of a dog is very beneficial to one’s health. Instead of judging these people and refusing help to them and/or taking their animals away, offer to help walk their dogs. Give the gift of a Petsmart gift card to low income pet owners. If your are a vet with a prospering practice offer discounts and payment plans for those who cannot afford to pay for the surgery their beloved dog might need. These are examples of acts of selfless love that we can offer to those in need. I choose to use my Golden Retriever Mercy as an instrument to demonstrate heroism by showing compassion to others who really need it. Even though humans can reject one another, God will never reject anyone. I am available to Him to by used by Him to love others with or wihtout my dog. Somebody needs to take a stand for those suffering in silence. That person will have to be me in obedience to God. Who else is willing to heed the call on their lives and obey God? I plan to combat the lack of generosity and compassion in this world by starting in my home, and then my community, and then with my home country, and then the world. Who else is willing to lift up and offer support to those who are forgotten and overlooked in order that they may thrive? I long for the return of Jesus Christ to set up His kingdom ruling with justice over humanity, reclaiming paradise for all. Until then, as I said after I came back from my cruise in 2001, I’m off to save the world!

About journeywithmercy

I am seeking a meaningful life in Jesus Christ. I am not sure exactly what that means, but I am on a journey to find out. I seek a most amazing way beyond my wildest dreams to fulfill my calling, purpose and destiny while enjoying beauty, art, culture, nature and science the whole way thorugh.
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