Can Jesus Really be Found in our Churches?

I wish to identify with Jesus Christ, a man of compassion, tenderness, sweetness, and kindness. He is full of grace and mercy, always forgiving, always accepting, wanting to be with you to help you and for you to help him. If Jesus is the one with whom you identify, it makes perfect sense that the church who claims to identify with Christ would be in communion with you, with you and the church body, working together for a common goal and purpose. With Jesus wanting us to co-labor with him, that means the whole church together. That means that a true follower of Jesus is never alone, but is engaged with fellow brothers and sisters (Brethren) in Christ passionate about sharing the love of Christ to the lost and hurting, comforting them with love. I still seek after the love of God and Jesus Christ, praying for God to make His love known to me. This includes loving me through others and loving others through me. I am still in the process of networking with others. This is not easy for an introverted, shy outcast. Since I long for love, I also know that others do too. This is where Mercy, my dog comes in. Golden Retrievers seem much more loving, sweet, tender, wanting to be with you, than alot of people who claim to be Christians. There are plenty of churches doing outstanding things for Christ, but why am I not with them, co-laboring with them right now? Why aren’t churches of different denominations co-laboring with each other? Why is there division in the church. Why is it that I am alone, with no one other than my husband and maybe a few friends. I am doing everything I can to reach out. It’s not anybody’s fault that I suffer from mental illness, however, I wish to be treated like family by some church since I am a child of the King! I embrace Jesus so much, and so do many others. So why are we not all in agreement with each other? Why are we divided? (Both me from the body and sects of the Christian church with each other) I don’t feel as though I have any belonging with many people. My thinking might be somewhat flawed, but that’s all the more reason why I need patience, grace, and Mercy and so do many other people like me. I am still on the lookout for fellow partners who will work with me to help all people in trouble or who need help or are hurting to feel loved and cared for. And this is why I am willing to serve using Mercy as an ambassador of Christ’s love, since I know what I am looking for and what others are looking for, even though I don’t feel completely loved myself. Lord, help me not to be a hypocrate. I am inviting hurting people to my home for fellowship and togetherness as well as recruit people who will help me launch my ministry, I invited lots of people to a dinner, and no-one came except one worldly person who ran away when she saw me. I want to help others like me who might be suffering sllently, afraid of speaking out, because they might be judged. Alot of people consider it bad ettiquite to express pain. Well too bad! In the Bible Jesus cries out from the “Mount of Olives” If only I could gather all of my people under my arms as a mother hen gathers her chicks. When Lazurus died, Jesus wept, both out of sympathy and out of disappointment in their being so sad about his death. He then raised Lazurus from the dead, ending the cause of their grief. A number of people would judge people for expressing their grief, but not Jesus! He cries along with you, keeping your tears in a bottle. I just cried out to God the other day after I got into a fight with a friend, raving about the need to feel loved and telling him how I I certainly didn’t feel His love at that time, especially since I asked Him the day before to do something to help me feel loved by Him. I thought he might be judgeing me, just like the world does. Mercy was in the car with me. She laid her snout on me, very graciously, compassionately and tenderly. It seems like Mercy, my Golden Retriever is willing for others to express their grief to her while she lovingly listens and comforts. Why can’t the people of the Church of Jesus Christ do that? If every person who claims to be a Christian was really passionate about the values of Jesus, they would be inviting other true brethren to join them in the causes for the Kingdom, and true Christians of different backgrounds would be teaming up together for the sake of the gospel being shared (which includes compassion for others) and common goals to achieve this end. Think about it!

About journeywithmercy

I am seeking a meaningful life in Jesus Christ. I am not sure exactly what that means, but I am on a journey to find out. I seek a most amazing way beyond my wildest dreams to fulfill my calling, purpose and destiny while enjoying beauty, art, culture, nature and science the whole way thorugh.
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