A less than ideal lifestyle and circumstances should not be used against you

Earlier on, I had lamented about not being where I belong. Then when Mercy had a few less than desirable adolescent behavior quirks, I lamented about my personal trainer giving up on me, saying that I didn’t deserve Mercy because of my having less than ideal circumstances, which includes having to commute 30 miles to work each day and being away from home for over 12 hours a day, therefore not enabling me to be at home an spend as much time with Mercy as I need to, to raise her to be the tool for God’s kingdom that I have been called to do. Since my husband is at home during the day, he is expected to take most of the responsibility for the dog. I am always hopeful that my husband, whom I have also discussed earlier, musters up the strength, encouragement and motivation to overcome his issues so he becomes more capable. It is a two way street. Others should be willing to get in the trewnches with you, going the extra mile and working with you on the areas where we are weak. My husband does the best that he can. He is attending a one on one bible study with a mentor at our church, who is helping him overcome his insecurities and to have a better relationship with God. Since my son has autism, which we only knew about as of November, my husband works his butt off caring for him every day. The dog trainer acknowledged this, however it was used against us. She was saying that since I need to work for most of the day and since my husband as a stay at home dad is occupied with Joshua, that Mercy’s needs are going unmet and that I therefore have to rehome her. Quite of number of folks would argue that we are not being fair to Mercy, not making her enough of a priority because of our lack of availability, and therefore would recommend that we would rehome her. However, when God calls someone, he doesn’t usually call someone who is already equipped or adequate for the purpose He has called them for. David had to stay in the field a bit longer tending sheep before he became king after being elected. I otherwise give Mercy excellent care and give her much more attention than my last dog. If anything, having a son with autism is more of a reason to have a dog in the home. I admit, that at this very moment that Mercy might not be benefitting my son, but Golden Retrievers are very trainable dogs. I just need more time with Mercy! I agree that people should consider whether they have the time, energy and resources to properly care for a dog before they get one. But, as I have explained throughout my blog, aquiring Mercy and training her to be a working dog for God’s kingdom is my calling. I might not have the ideal lifestyle right now, but I am trusting God to most graciously come through with an amazing miracle. I am not going to put God in a box and tell him how to help us. I am thankful that He has a plan to transfer us to the life He made us for, where we will be thriving and fulfilled. I am leaning on Him and focusing on Him, since there is really nothing else I can do conventually to improve my life. I have applied to other jobs, checked out alternative careers and the like. But God wants to do something for me that I have not even thought of. I can feel the winds shifting into my direction, with God using His miracle working power as only he can. I hope more and more people will partner me and team up with me and cooperate with God’s plan for me to use Mercy for AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) for His kingdom. People need to read God’s Word and interpret His word for themselves instead of listening to bad advice from others. Yes, the majority of the burden of responsibility for caring for the dog must be on the owner, but when the owner wants the best for his/her dog and is not quite able to give the dog as much attention as desired, especially since the dog is an asset in his/her life then people should be willing to go the extra mile and help that person, filling in the gap between where they are and where they need to be, supporting them and working alongside them all the way instead of giving worldly conventional wisdom. I could really use some prayers of support. I need other people who will be in my corner working with me as well as praying for me, so that I can in turn help others with their callings. God’s plans may look strange to people who rely on worldly conventional wisdom, but if we are serious about what Chirst wants, we need to be on the same page as Him and not lean on our own understanding. I am willing to be wrong. I always ask God to have His will over mine. But after hours of praying and seeking God over the last year and a half and living a hollow life for the two years after my son was born I know that raising a dog for therapuetic ministry is what I am called to do. It’s where my heart is! The last few times I cried tears with heaving sobs, it was related to people being opposed to the notion of dogs giving people therapuetic solace. God uses the foolish things and weak people of this world to shame the wise. We are all to commune together as one in cooperation for God’s purposes despite our differences. Are you on God’s team?

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I am seeking a meaningful life in Jesus Christ. I am not sure exactly what that means, but I am on a journey to find out. I seek a most amazing way beyond my wildest dreams to fulfill my calling, purpose and destiny while enjoying beauty, art, culture, nature and science the whole way thorugh.
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