Meet Jesus Christ the Best Judge of Character

Several men wanted to stone Mary Magdeline. But Jesus would have none of the condemnation from them to her. Only God can judge the heart. We have all sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. No one is righteous. But all Jesus requires is that we put our faith in him for our righteousness. Then we will do good deeds and behave properly because we love Jesus. We still miss the mark. Even though people miss the mark sometimes, they should still not be judged, condemned, faulted, blamed, disapproved or deemed as having a bad character. All Jesus is after is a sincere heart. We all have our issues. There are alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, bulimics, and the like. Often when people who are struggling want help overcoming their iniquities, they will turn to the church or to an elder or clergy member, counselor or mentor etc. There are times when the truth is spoken, but not in love. And besides, I believe in grace before truth anyway. The grace part is to build the trust of the person  confiding in you , knowing that you are on their side. But some counselors often blurt out lectures, or advice based on disapproval of character, telling them that they have to __Fill in the Blank__, which implies that the person turning to this someone for help and support is not doing what he/she should. That in no way encourages a hurting person. It is a form of judging. Yes there are times when people are recovering from drug abuse or alcoholism, that when they promise to do better or express sorrow, that one should be skeptical in trusting in what they are saying as sincere. When people have already owned up to their mistakes, however, they don’t need to be told again to do so or doubted about having done so! When someone explains what is going on with them, they should be believed and taken seriously. When the counselor or mentor does not understand or believe the person, this is a form of disagreement as well as disapproval. They are doubting that the person’s heart is in the right place. Nobody is perfect. There are no perfect counselors. We all have our beliefs. But what should really matter to  is that both the counselor and troubled person are in agreement that there is a problem and that a solution is needed to fix the problem. Where there is no agreement, there is no trust or respect. This happens all to often between parent and child, teacher and child, between children, boss and employee, marriage partners, or counselor and adult or child counselee. It is staggering how the world thumbs their noses at Christians, how people land and jail or commit suicide. Hypocrisy is prevalent all too much in society as well as in the church. Parents scold children, bullies taunt students in school, teachers punish students, counselors have lack of compassion, bosses have lack of understanding, spouses argue. That my friend are all forms of disapproval and demoralization of people, therefore crushing their self-esteem and extinguishing any sense of righteousness they might have had. There is a time an a place where we need to correct people and chastise them. People do need to take responsibility for their actions and behavior. People need to be challenged when there is more they can do. They need to be rebuked if they are committing sins that they are not repenting or at least trying to repent of.

God knows best about what is going on inside us. God knows what’s in your heart, even if no one on the face of this planet believes you. As long as the person needing help sincerely wants what God wants in accordance to His Word, he should be listened to, believed, taken seriously, therefore resulting in agreement. Where there is no agreement or a disconnect, the counselor or other mentor, leader or authority figure cannot help the counselee get any better. What should matter is that there is something wrong resulting in troubles in the person’s life. That God’s will be done. That we want what God wants. That a way that works, a solution or answer to the problem is out there and is the right remedy for the situation. What matters is that church elders for example as well as the person needing help should both agree with God when it comes to the results sought after.

I was praying in my car to God that the elders of my church have mercy and compassion upon my husband. They they agree with what God is up to. That God would not lead us to a wonderful church only for them to not do what He wants. That they want what God wants for my husband. My husband has never been listened to or taken seriously or believed for most of the 54 years of his life by people. He has had to face lack of mercy, compassion and grace by others. Even though my husband’s lens are cracked a bit, that still doesn’t change the fact that no person he has met in the church body has wanted him to have the help and solution that he needs and God wants. This is sad indeed. But I am determined that the power of prayer works. I was going through a dry spell for 2 1/2 years where I could not laugh or cry about anything. Then Mercy came into my life. I have been laughing and crying more. My vision for not just our family but the world in general is finally taking shape. Peter needs a glimmer of hope when he meets with the elders, in that when he looks them in the eye and tells them that he wants to be rid of the problem of anger and fear that he is dealing with, they will respond with agreement, compassion and encouragement. This is what I was praying for in the car as I drove Mercy to her Canine Good Citizen class. I was shedding tears, begging God to show the elders of this wonderful church we found what is really truly wrong and can finally give my husband the hope and peace he has sought after his whole life! That they be in agreement with the fact that my husband is struggling with displacement of emotions and that he really wants the right solution that God also wants for him to help him overcome them, therefore agreeing with him. Then Peter can finally receive help from people whom he can finally trust. That the fact that he really truly wants to get well like the guy by the pool is in deed believed. Selah!

As I was crying out my prayers to God for His mercy for my husband and shedding tears, Mercy nuzzled me by leaning her head on my shoulder and trying the lick my tears from behind even though she was in the backseat and I was driving, keeping my face forward. What an awesome message of God’s love that Mercy will be for other people who are hurting. This is exactly what I was hoping for from Mercy. When Mercy comforts hurting people, they will meet Jesus Christ as they see her compassion, mercy and graciousness towards them. And then God shall be glorified! She will be an extension of the hands and feet of Jesus as I reach out to people and will be a blessing to all indeed!

About journeywithmercy

I am seeking a meaningful life in Jesus Christ. I am not sure exactly what that means, but I am on a journey to find out. I seek a most amazing way beyond my wildest dreams to fulfill my calling, purpose and destiny while enjoying beauty, art, culture, nature and science the whole way thorugh.
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