Autism Awareness, one of God’s Purposes

In case I didn’t tell you already, I am actually on the autism spectrum. This is why I have had the unique struggles and experiences that I shared in this blog. This is Autism Awareness month. One of God’s great purposes is to bring more awareness to people on the autism spectrum. It may seem like people like us might be living in a dream world, and in a sense we are. However, I believe we have more of a gift of seeing more specifically of how things were supposed to be in the Garden of Eden. All though we all long for the paradise that was lost, people on the specturm see things of what could be but aren’t. We learn life the hard way, not understanding why other people are not affirming our values, loves and interests. We subconciously believe the world is better than it really is. Some people on the spectrum therefore get a rude awakening about how fallen this world is exactly. We also can’t seem to be on the same page as nuerotypicals.

I am into culture, animals, nature, music, science which are all beautiful and therapuetic. These are things there are all the moreso therapuetic for people on the spectrum. The problem is these interests are not cheap. For me and for many others I am sure life has been a quagmire of an existence in which we desire lovely beautiful things that are considered to be a luxury to neurotypicals, who still take them for granted, yet our condition can cause us to not advance enough in life to afford these things that we cherish. This is one way life is cruel towards those with ASDs. For instance people on the specturm access these loves via entertainment, travel, and hobbies which are considered privleges, not rights by most people’s standards. The people who can afford these interests who have been able to work hard, earn and deserve them often don’t cherish these things like people on the spectrum do. Their motives are more worldy and materialistic, and so they chase after things money can buy to fill a void, a void that only God can fill. What’s interesting is that one not need to be materialistic to enjoy travel, pets, music, nature, cultural events, concerts, and other recreational enjoyments. The desires of people on the specturm, which for most are also emotional needs, don’t go away when they accept Christ. In fact, becomming a Christian can cause them to treasure them all the more. God is the mastermind behind nature, music, animals, dancing, romance, beauty, cultural performances, because they all related to His creation and relationships. I think when the Phillipians 4:8 tells us to focus on what’s lovely, noble, true, right, and admirable it is telling us to focus on things that radiate such qualities, such as the things I mentioned above. People on the spectrum, even those who are unsaved can see what these things are moreso than nuerotypicals. God has a reason for more people on the spectrum being born. God will be using this new wave of people on the spectrum to change the world, putting the wise to shame and helping Him bring the kingdom to earth. It will be based upon what he commands in Phillipians 4:8, which is no fantasy or pipe dream. Bringing the kingdom to earth, which consists of beauty, truth, people affirming one another’s true callings, joy, pure pleasure, peace, living in harmony is real and authentic. God is glorified by these interests we embrace so much. What makes paradise paradise is God’s presence as well as all of the qualities and characteristics that define Him like beauty, sweetness, goodness, wonder, awe, magnificense, splendor, truth, perfection and most of all love and therefore give God glory. Right now, we live in a fallen world where paradise has been lost and people on the spectrum in their childlikeness, see more of what’s missing. Yes, we need to accept the reality of this fallen world we live in, yet we do not stop believing and having faith of what could be. We are commanded to do what we can do glorify God on earth, being in the world, but not of the world, doing even more works than Jesus did. So let’s keep dreaming, believing in God’s promises and the truth of His word, using our unique talents to make this world a better place before Jesus comes back!

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Mercy, the Epitome of Grace!

Mercy, the Epitome of Grace!.

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Mercy, the Epitome of Grace!


Mercy was granted an opportunity to serve through Summits Therapy Animal Services tonight. She visited with special needs kids at a special therapy dog event at a local community center. There were other dogs there and there was even a miniature horse! Mercy displayed the virtues of Jesus Christ including patience, grace, and mercy. She was happy to be with then as Jesus was in Mark 10:13-16. There was one kid who tried to poke her in the eye. Mercy still accepted him unconditionally. Friendly dogs accept people without judging them, no matter what mistakes they make. I thank God for this opportunity. I just know with your prayers that He will continue to open doors for me and Mercy! Jesus (and Mercy) loves the little children, all the children of the world! Yellow, red, black and white, they’re all precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world!

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Mercy sharing the love of Christ with special needs children

Mercy sharing the love of Christ with special needs children

Mercy is so patient and gentle with children just like Jesus was in the Bible!

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Praise Be to God!

Sorry, I haven’t posted on here in a while. I give thanks to God for His blessings. Mercy did get her Therapy Dogs Inc. certification back in October. In fact, her certificate was issued the same day as my last post. It came in the mail a few days later. Mercy is visiting an assisted living home for now. My goal is to eventually take Mercy to visit with hurting children. I am working on that.

Mercy actually received her AKC Community Canine back in January.

Now, Mercy and I are taking Novice classes at Warrenton Kennel Club. I went to the park to practice our homework exercises for this class. After practicing our exercises, Mercy had a play-date with her other Golden Retriever pal Bauer. My pockets were full of bags of treats and my homework handouts, so it was hard to fit my keys in them. My friend and I were both giving Mercy treats for being such a good girl. Then it was time to say goodbye. When I reached into my pocket to grab my keys, they weren’t there. Mercy and I therefore wandered back to the field where she and Bauer had been running and playing. I was already worrying about other things like finances, my cell phone having issues and Mercy’s weight. I nearly lost it. I knew what it would entail in both hassle and expense to get new keys re-made. I knew God wouldn’t let me down, but had I not found my keys, my faith would been crushed. I even asked Mercy to sniff out my keys for me. Finally, I saw them in the middle of the field. Praise God! After I picked the keys up, I looked up to the beautiful late afternoon sky with alto-stratus clouds and a last quarter moon, and while hugging my keys, gave God thanks.

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More grace for the less experienced please

I so love Golden Retrievers in case it was not obviously already. Even though I don’t show my dog, it is interesting to watch other Goldens in the ring. I subscribe to Golden Retriever News and I love the ads in those magazines. I think about how I would absolutely love to get to know other Golden Retriever enthusiasts better. I long to connect with Golden people better and be accepted and approved by them as well as get help from them. I also would like people in the inner Golden Circle especially those who produce beautiful healthy sound Goldens to be gracious and merciful towards the less experienced Golden Retriever owners and lovers. I tend to make more social mistakes than most people, and it often bites me in the butt later. I do still have alot to learn. When I ask questions out of curiousity, they often come across as maliciously rude to others. I do see the world a little bit differently and notice the types of details that people don’t notice or at least don’t think I have the right to notice. I have Pervasive Developmental Disorder, which causes me to have unintentionally break social rules since it means I might be on the autism spectrum.

Unfortunately, some people who are at the top of their game are also self-righteous as their super performance inflates their ego and puffs them up, so they are therefore less than gracious towards the less experienced who might also lack supportive connections that they themselves do not lack. When someone commits a social faux pass, even when their hearts are right, some of the inner circle breeders or inner circle members of any group might take it the wrong way, and fault you for something greater than you intended. God looks at the heart, while some elitists look at appearance and behavior. If you mess up before some people know you for who you really are, they can be very critical, fault finding, and judgmental. I choose to educate people including people in high places about having more patience and grace towards those who are less versed and less experienced about what a life of prestige and privilege is like. As I try to understand the world of Golden Retrievers, I ask that people with more experience in life than I do to bear with me, support me and accept me for who I am and have patience and grace towards me when I stumble in my conduct. I am still learning.  

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I now have an online Golden Retriever souvenir store

Hello everyone. It has been quite the time the last few weeks. Mercy did a fantastic job at the assisted living facility during her second observation visit for getting certified with Therapy Dogs Incorporated. She needs one more visit before I can send in the paperwork for her vest. I will be taking her to a children’s health fair this Saturday so she can give some comforting love to some low-income Manassas City residents needing health care. In the meantime, I will need to raise money for my ministry. You can check out general Golden Retriever gifts, by clicking -> I have also created a product line on Café Press named Cool Golden, featuring Mercy.
I also have a link to dogbreedstore check out

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